Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halloween cupcakes

Two weeks ago I celebrated my first Halloween ever. Since I didn't go trick-or-treating I stayed at home and handed out candy. We live out of town so we didn't expect a lot of trick-or-treaters but eventually twenty-five kids showed up. They were super cute in their costumes. Some kids were dressed up as Frankenstein, dinosaurs, vampire, witch...and the most popular costume was absolutely Elsa. I assumed Americans love Halloween when I found out in news they spent seven billion dollars only on Halloween candy. It could be private chocolate island for this amount of money!
Anyway the next day I baked these pumpkin flavored cupcakes. This was supposed to be recipe post but I became normal recipe's on the box. I used Halloween cupcake dough and icing from the box and Halloween cupcake kit. These cupcakes were very easy and very yummy. 

XOXO Janie 

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