Monday, December 8, 2014

Czech traditions in the USA

I decided to bring some of our Czech traditions to the USA. Baking Christmas cookies also belongs to my favorites. This idea first appeared in World Market when I found and then bought cutters for Linzer cookies (also found out that these cookies are traditional at Christmas time in Sweden). 
I made the dough for Linzer cookies, vanilla rolls, and cranberry gluten free gingerbread on Saturday. The first two needed to sit in fridge over night, but gingerbread were ready for baking. The next day I spent literally five hours in kitchen and baked the other two kinds of Czech Christmas cookies (Linzer cookies and vanilla rolls). Then just added jam in the middle of each linzer cookie and icing on gingerbread.
Gluten free gingerbread sound horrible but it was even better than the normal ones I normally bake. Much more work though. 
And now finally I can just enjoy Czech cookies with my host family and American friends. Nobody complained so far. ^_^

XOXO Janie