Saturday, November 29, 2014

Los Angeles trip - Universal Studios

Even though we didn't meet any movie star Hollywood was very cool place. Rides in Universal Studios are totally different than the ones in Disneyland. In Hollywood they made us feel like we are part of a movie. Rides like King Kong, Jurassic Park, Transformers, or Minion Mayhem were really impressive. Minions were very popular in Universals. We could get minion cotton candy, minion cookies, shirts...and we also met minions larger than life size! Unfortunately they had personal guard and didn't let anybody take picture with them. 
The next day we went to Medieval Times which was fun too. And on Monday we went back to South Dakota. In LA it was 30 degrees and at home we had snow storm and 10 below zero. It felt like very fast change from summer to winter.

Have a good weekend everybody!

XOXO Janie

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Los Angeles trip - Disneyland

California welcomed us with very nice weather and high temperatures of 30 degrees celsius. Which was nice because meanwhile in South Dakota it was ten below zero and snowing. We went to Disneyland on Friday. I was so excited like never before. I expected Disneyland as fairy tale place but actually it was beautifuler and more dreamy than I could even imagine. It was one of the few moments I got to cry from happiness. It was such a fun day. We visited in second week of October so all Disneyland was decorated with Christmas lights and poinsettias. Even though it was summer weather I was in perfect Christmas mood. It was really like fairy tale.

XOXO Janie

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halloween cupcakes

Two weeks ago I celebrated my first Halloween ever. Since I didn't go trick-or-treating I stayed at home and handed out candy. We live out of town so we didn't expect a lot of trick-or-treaters but eventually twenty-five kids showed up. They were super cute in their costumes. Some kids were dressed up as Frankenstein, dinosaurs, vampire, witch...and the most popular costume was absolutely Elsa. I assumed Americans love Halloween when I found out in news they spent seven billion dollars only on Halloween candy. It could be private chocolate island for this amount of money!
Anyway the next day I baked these pumpkin flavored cupcakes. This was supposed to be recipe post but I became normal recipe's on the box. I used Halloween cupcake dough and icing from the box and Halloween cupcake kit. These cupcakes were very easy and very yummy. 

XOXO Janie